About Vestige

Vestige, a trace of something that is disappearing, a fragment, a memento, an echo.

Vestige Studio provides a collection of fine art, unique items and antiques from all over the world. If you are searching for a unique item for your collection, or as a gift for someone who treasures one of a kind objects, you will find them at Vestige Studio.

Rebecca Weber is an artist, curator and former gallery director of Still Life Gallery. She has spent the last few years traveling, painting and acquiring vestigial objects. Each work of art, antique or curiosity is accompanied by a short write up about the piece, history and where it was acquired. 

She describes her latest body of work as:

  “Painting my way through the year with small studies of all things ephemeral, transforming objects into evocative personal symbols, all the while maintaining their living qualities through the poetic language of observational painting.”