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Organic Basque Espellette Spice
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What is Piment d’Espelette? Red chili pepper from the Basque region of France, just across the border from Spain, in the Nive Valley. The powdered form of Espelette pepper provides a subtle heat, often referred to as a chef’s secret weapon.
Two summers ago I found a small organic farm selling these peppers in a lovely Durham Farmer’s Market. I brought back, strung up & dried, then separated the seeds and ground the skin. Last year with the seeds, I grew my own! Now I have seeds for the coming season and my spice.

The pepper first arrived in the village of Espellette in 1650, when a Basque sailor returned from the New World with the vibrant pepper. Over time, the pepper became a cornerstone of Basque cuisine, a ubiquitous ingredient even deemed worthy of its own festival, celebrated annually on the last weekend of October with traditional dances, concerts, parades.